Dr. Jonathan “Joc” Clark

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I have been helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve

  • smarter productivity,

  • talent actualization,

  • and group harmony

for over 15 years.


I specialize in helping you develop yourself and those you work with to be their best. My goal is that when you’re at work, it feels deeply rewarding and meaningful. Whether you’re in a crisis of communication with your team, or you’re wanting to create a strategic plan to achieve your company’s long term goals, getting coaching to become better at collaboration is vital to the long-term health of your workplace.

When you work with me, I’ll listen to your needs and perspectives, and together we will co-create a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances. I’ve discovered that even the tried-and-true tools of the trade can be detrimental if they are not brought in with consideration and care for the particular needs of your situation.

Using behavioral science knowledge, positive psychology, caring curiosity and experiential methods, I look forward to helping you and your team reach your next level of optimal performance.


About Me

With one foot in teaching leadership theory in academia with students, and the other foot in the business world with those facing the daily demands of competitive working situations, I can ground the cutting-edge models into actionable solutions for you.

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