Outdoor Initiatives

Bring Purpose and Connection to Your Group


Novel environments can be instrumental to helping people see new and different paradigms. Get your group outside the box and into the big classroom.  Adventure-based learning can be fun as well as profound.   With an outdoor experience people are fully engaged and the results are real. 


“Joc clearly communicates his expectation for students to assert personal ownership for their own care, success and engagement in learning. He is enthusiastic, a great risk manager and brings students awareness of objective hazard, environmental hazard and the risk of lacking communication brings when traveling in mountain environments, on rivers or while at climbing & ropes sites. Unlike most wilderness instructors in the field, Joc has used his wilderness medical skills (WFR) extensively, further extending his client care abilities.”

— John Abbott, PhD, Assistant Director of Student Life, Outdoor Programs

Activities could include:

  • Ropes (low & high)

  • Rocs

  • Hiking

  • Expeditionary Learning

  • Customized Expeditions