Experiential, Collaborative, Customized


We learn by doing.  We're much more likely to fully understand and retain the learning.  CWC Workshops are intentionally designed around experiential components that will establish neuro-pathways and bring learning to life.


Workshop Examples


Collaborative Leadership Learning

A primary focus, with a great self-assessment tool.  One example is from the international Association of Facilitator, with a workshop about how to facilitate learning about collaborative leadership at their 2011 annual conference in Chicago.


Personalities & Workstyles: Colors Workshop

Understanding personality and communication best practices with different personality types, based on Meyers-Briggs.


Emotional Intelligence

A hot topic in business since 1998, solid simple models with a self-assessment, we have offered hundreds of workshops about EQ and social intelligence.


Strengths-based & Appreciative Inquiry Methods

Using the positive psychology, our approach is to look at the good, to discover the best of what is happening, and then design methods to move toward the best of what can be.  Examples of this include Joc's worksop in the Leadership Strengths Finder or Strengths Quest as well as an Appreciative Inquiring based process that is used for participatory strategic planning.