Strategic Planning


Participatory & Large Group

Strategic Planning using Collaborative Tools


Using methods that will tap into the collective wisdom of an organization's members, my approach to strategic planning uses a series of activities to collectively envision the best of the organization and the dreams of its members. The result is not only a clear plan for your organization’s future, but also a clear pathway on how to work together to get there.  The facilitation methods I use make it easy for large groups to simplify and tackle complicated issues. 


Bring teams and large groups together and leverage their collective intelligence to help solve your current problems or plan for a successful future. 

We will create an experiential process to engage the human capital tailored to your group size and needs. 

Joc has trained with Outward Bound, National Training Laborator (NTL) and Interaction Associates in several styles of participatory planning.  


“All of us are much smarter than any one of us.”



Methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Open Space Technology

  • Future Search

  • World Café & Jigsaw Technique

  • Affinity Diagramming

  • Nominal Group Technique, etc.



Groups & orgs that have completed strategic planning with collaboration works consulting include:

  • University of San Diego’s Student Life and Career Services Departments

  • Chico Natural Foods

  • California Vocations

  • Wampanoag Tribal Council

  • GRID Alternatives, Solar power

  • The Nord School

  • Wildflower Open Classroom Charter School

  • Forest Ranch Charter School

  • California State University’s chancellors office

  • The Office of the Registrar at California State University Chico

  • The Provosts office at California State University Chico

  • Butte environmental Council

  • River Partners

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