Organizational Development

Get where you want to grow, together.

Organization development is a planned process of change using behavioral science knowledge. Our strategic advantage is using participatory processes, where those who will implement the change also design the change.


“Bring me in late, I’m your critic.

Bring me in early, I’m your champion.”

— Anonymous

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Human resource development

People  are  the  most  valuable organizational  resource. Investing in people  and  the  capabilities is not only  strategic  but  fundamental to ongoing success.  Collaboration  Works’ mission is to activate  and  transform  the  leadership potential of your  people.


Leadership Development

Leadership development is at the core of our work.  Leadership learning and ongoing development is an essential part of fulfillment and self-actualization.  From executive coaching to facilitating customized workshops, we seek to engage our clients in growing their capacity as leaders.


Collaborative Capacity Development

With a PhD researching collaborative leadership, Joc is a scholar and educator specializing in shared leadership and team collaboration.  Ally-based leadership and the collaboration assessment are models that Joc created to help in both individual and organizational learning.