Jonathan "Joc" Clark, PhD

In 1999 Joc started a Master’s Degree in Organization Development and began a rigorous study of human systems and how to improve them. He discovered how helping develop internal capabilities of an organization sets them up for sustainable success. He uses the analogy that his work is about helping clients develop their own ability to prepare the soil, nurture, grow, and harvest their own papayas, instead of just handing them a box of papayas.

In 2008, Joc completed his PhD in Leadership and Change Management, allowing him to be a scholar-practitioner. Joc loves having one foot in teaching with California State University students and Community College Business Center clients, as well as one foot in the real world with those who are facing the daily demands of competitive working organizations.

Joc specializes in creating collaborative working environments, leadership skills, and organization development. He has worked for 15 years as a family businesses consultant, drawing from experience as an educator, facilitator, and process consultant. He is also a senior consultant at Continuity Family Business Consulting.

His professional experience includes working for two decades with organizations like Outward Bound Professional, Summit Achievement, Wine & Roses, and several tribal organizations. Throughout all his work, Joc brings tools to facilitate solutions for businesses in seeking to take themselves to the next level through collaboration.

Joc’s expertise includes: conflict resolution, teambuilding, group facilitation, participatory strategic planning, coaching, dialogue, strengths-based leadership, and appreciative inquiry.

Joc holds a PhD in Leadership Studies and Change Management, MEd in Organization Development, and BA in Psychology and Spanish. Joc is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and has worked with both languages in California and Latin America.

Joc also works as a faculty member at California State University, Chico, and Butte Glenn Community College’s business training center (The Training Place).