Favorite Models - Recources for Working Better Together

Here are some of my favorite tools for working to create collaborative working environments.

- Joc


CliftonStrengths | Gallup

Assessment tool for teams to discover individual strengths.

Gallup Assessment   

Association for Experiential Education

AEE is a leader in the field of experiential education. As far as my “home team”, I consider AEE to be my community of practice. I was the Regional Chair for the West for roughly five years. I still regularly attend and present at their conferences.

AEE Website


This is my go to for all things adventure-based, experiential and involving outdoor education.

Wilderdom Website

Michelle Cummings and Training Wheels

Great resources for experiential activities and facilitation.

Training Wheels Website

PACE Palette

Personality Temperament Assessment Tool - Based on Myers-Briggs, this tool helps you learn to better understand common personality types in yourself, your team, and your co-workers, seeing the strengths in each.

PACE Palette Reference Chart - by Joc Clark

D. Patrick Lencioni & the Table Group:

Table Group Tools

Partnering With Parents

Experiential activities for families in conflict.

Parent Tune Up